BT Redcare

bt redcare

BT Redcare has been a leader in the fire and security market for over 26 years. They are the largest supplier of alarm signalling services in the UK, securing hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses with their services.

BT Redcare has a great portfolio of products that work across a variety of networks and technologies meaning they can offer customers great products that meet their needs, all with the quality and reliability that people have come to expect from a BT Redcare alarm signalling product.


The most widely used Grade 4 alarm system in the UK, backed by the Redcare network which has over 99.997% availability.


Since launching in 1999, more Redcare GSMs have been sold than any other dual path system in the UK. It is still regarded by many installers, as the most reliable and robust intruder alarm system on the market.


A cost effective, dual path range of products covering Grades 2, 3 and 4, which also allows you to switch between grades as your needs change.


A cost effective, Grade 2 wireless only signalling product. Ideal for use where there’s no landline, or as a replacement for a digital communicator. Easily upgraded to Redcare Secure, if your needs change.


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